l Evet Socrates Aquafiers

Evet Socrates Presents New Film For Spring 2018

Now in production is Evet's all new Science Fiction Drama "The Aquafiers" about a small team of scientists who land a probe on a distant ice planet, and how the life there begins to affect them.

Aquafiers Poster

Key to the story's premise is the fact a jettisoned heat shield melts it's way through the ice, thus creating a channel to the liquid surface beneath the crust. Through various exploritory manuvers, the crater becomes a cauldron in which dormant life forms emerge.

FORNAX- Lander Entry and Deployment

"Fornax" is the name of the ship the team has built to explore an ice moon in a system in the constellation Fornax. It consists of four separate units: the orbiter, the base of the ship; the lander, which detaches and penetrates the moon's atmosphere, which carries the drone and the rover, for exploring the surface. We also see Marco's interface readouts.

Detailed Schematic

United States Starship Fornax> Built and owned by Sacrosanct Z-Tech Inc. Launched May 2035. Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen fuel with solar power and electrical backup. Fornax consists of the Orbiter, the Lander, the Rover, Drone, and heat shield.

USS Fornax Schematic